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HygienicTracking : Monitoring of hand hygiene from anywhere and anytime

April, 28 2020 | Ramon Julià

Together with the European society, the European Commission is looking for solutions to challenges related to the Corona virus. Innovators from all industries as well as socially committed citizens are invited to take part in the the first pan-European hackathon between April 24th and 26th.

Under #EUvsVirus, the hackathon offered a common organizational and technical framework in which the participants could get involved online and developed working prototypes and solutions for technically, politically, and socially relevant issues with regard to the Corona crisis.

NomarData project: HygienicTracking

Improve the quality of life and safety through smart systems that remember, monitoring, and report compliance of risk prevention regulations


Due an exponentially increassing number of infected individual for Covid19, we have come up with an idea to design a sensor that Monitor the Hygiene measures compliance. Acording WHO (Wold Health Organization) a correct hand hygiene is key in this fighting. Following hygienic protocol correctly will reduce dramatically the risk of Covid19 illness.

What it does

Continuos and reliable monitoring of hand hygiene from anywhere and anytime is a great challenge and need. Our sensor ( HSensor) monitor and track the hand hygiene protocol compliance ( time and movements) warning when error. Always protecting privacy right and following GDPR regulations.

How we built it

Before this hackathon, we were able to collect and interpret data collection regarding hand hygiene monitoring. In addition to this research, we started developing a machine learning model and we experimented with different algorithms to process the data acording WHO recomendations. Finally, we were able to design and build a MVP WebAPP prototype as stand alone system and a demo, based in a video, for the 5 WHO moments protocol in orther to test the algorithms reliability.

Challenges we ran into

Collecting a sufficient amount of training data to generate models that will give highly accurate inference results

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are a good combination of experience and skills across Health, Information Technology and Business domains along with a good core synergy of thoughts while respecting our complimentary background and perspectives. We are also related to each other and share a natural bond outside work which further facilitates quick turn around of our ideas into tangible results. With the above traits and the confidence from our previous professional background , we believe we will make foresight el projecto

What we learned

With pre-existing technology applied to current problems / needs, we can save lives, reduce healthcare costs, improve the quality of life of citizens, make a more sustainable world and make covid19 and other pathogens a memory of the past.

What’s next for HygienicTracking

*Develop and deploy product for Healthcare needs.

*Raise funding with Grants, Private investors and crowdfunding.
*Improve data collection.

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